Deer and Mice!!

Eugene, Oregon November 4-11, 2014 What a day. Over the mountain pass and through the woods to Eugene, Oregon we go. We left the coast because we had started growing mold and moss. I am not joking. So much rain! It was a rainy, misty morning, a dreadful kind of day.  But really it was just a typical fall/winter day in the drenched state. While traveling, just around noon a deer decided to dive into the front of our RV. Time slowed as we both watched him hit the front, tear through our bumper, roll under the front, gracefully catching his stride from under our house, and run off into the woods. What the hell? We stopped and assessed the damage. All cosmetic thanks to dramatically slowing down before impact, but still. WTF? Needless to say this week went to trying to figure out what we needed to do to get things fixed. We did manage to have a nice dinner downtown at a farm to table restaurant, Marche, and hit the Rogue Brewery while we were out. Kindy flew out to Atlanta for the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association’s annual veterinary conference while I discovered we brought a pair of mice with us from the coast, great. Luckily we were parked by a nice pizzeria, Coburg Pizza Company,  so Kindy knew I would at least eat well while she was gone. I did. Between catching mice and planning repairs the week flew by.

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Beaches, rain, and mushrooms!

Pacific City, OR October 22-November 4, 2014 "The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination & brings eternal joy to the soul.” A Beautiful Oregon Beach With a name like Pacific City who would have the will power to just keep driving? Not us. We left Seaside in the rain and arrived at Pacific City in the rain. Can you see a pattern starting to form? Washington and Oregon are known for their brutally rainy winters and this year is off to a good start. After the rain settled down enough to leave the relative safety of Atreyu we went out for a bite to eat and a pint at the local Pelican Brewery. There goes that rainy day! Since the rains had started we had noticed that our towels would rarely dry and the dampness found outside was starting to migrate inside, not good. So Kindy had a great idea of installing a heated towel rack. Once it arrived we installed it and then took Wizard for his daily walk on the beach. Movies that night followed by dry towels in the morning! We might be getting the hang of this lifestyle after all. This section of the Oregon coast has two main things, lighthouses and cheese factories. After taking a beautiful drive down the 101 to a few lighthouses we ended up at the Tillamook Factory to stock up on the local cheese. Oh and did I mention the food trucks are still around although a little harder to find. No pods just single tucked away trucks. Yum. Over the course of the next few days we walked the beaches, caught up on more movies, [...]

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Pacific City RV and Camping Resort (Thousand Trails)

Pacific City, Oregon Website: Overview: We really liked this campground. The best part about it was that you could walk to the beach! Wizard especially enjoyed this amenity. The sites are very private. You r most nosy neighbors are the rabbits. It is located along Oregon’s 3 capes scenic route, so there are numerous day tripping opportunities. The only down side is that is has very limited cell and Internet service (this could also be a benefit for some). The small town of Pacific City is only a 5 minute drive away where you can enjoy a local brew at Pelican Brewery, have fantastic food at their local bakery, or watch the Dory ships by the haystack. Campsites: Variable sites some in wooded sections and some with ocean views up high on a bluff. Each site has 30 amp power and water. There are some sewer sites also. Must sites are on gravel and back in. Some pull through sites are available. Must sites are very private with trees or hedges between sites! Each site has a picnic table and fire pit. Amenities: Family lodge, seasonal indoor swimming pool, hot tub, welcome center, gazebos (with ocean views), bathhouses, walking trail to the beach, miniature golf, pickle ball court, basketball court, cabin rental, RV storage (with power), outdoor stage, playground, hiking trails, horse corrals (and camping), fish cleaning station, horseshoes, propane service, and laundry facility Pet friendly: Yes. No off leash Dog Park is on the premises, but the beach is only a short walk away. The beach is pet friendly and there are no leash laws on the beach. Internet:  Wi-Fi available at the lodge, limited cellular signals (we had very slow connection with our [...]

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Seaside RV Resort (Thousand Trails)

Seaside, OR Website: Overview: This is a nice campground in downtown Seaside, Oregon. It is about 10 blocks (1.5 miles) from the beach and only 5 blocks to the main downtown area. The majority of the RV sites are in open fields with no shade and minimal privacy. Some sites are very close together. We were lucky to find a wooded, large site. There are quite of few occupied annual sites. Campsites: Level, gravel parking pads with 30/50 amp, water, and sewer. Many sites are very open (no trees/shade and minimal privacy) but several sites are wooded. Each site has a picnic table. Amenities: Indoor heated pool and hot tub, sauna, pickle ball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, Frisbee golf, hiking trails, laundry facilities, bath houses, clubhouse, RV storage, fitness center, horseshoes, community fire pits, and miniature golf. Pet friendly: Yes. Internet:  No public Wi-Fi at sites. Good cellular signals throughout the park. Price:  $44/night Rating: 3/5

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Hey You Guys!

Exploring Northwest Oregon including Seaside, Cannon Beach, Astoria, and Portland October 2-21, 2014 We’ve gone Seaside. From the time we hit the beach, life just seemed to slip slowly by. Redbox movies were our first passion. Sometimes the road is void of television and movies become a distant dream. Civilized areas are where we catch up on using that big screen above our fireplace. Flying kites on Cannon Beach is what also sometimes happens. Don’t fight it, just let the wind guide it higher. We also really enjoyed viewing the life in the tide pools! Wizard was in his glory because the beach was only about a mile from our site so we regularly drove him over to frolic on the wide, long, empty beaches. Astoria was only about a fifteen-minute drive from Seaside so we spent some good quality time reliving The Goonies, where it was filmed. We hiked the Lewis and Clark Fort at Clatsop, Netul landing, and Fort Stevens looking for the treasures of One Eyed Willy but came up only with a handful of photos and wonderful memories. We also made a trip to Hillsboro for the local farmers market and that ended up being a return trip to Portland’s Powell’s bookstore. We love that store! Then it was back to Seaside for the Lewis and Clark Salt Works. We have followed Lewis and Clark for quite a while and we stop in and see their camps when time allows. We also enjoyed a mystical hike along the Clatsop Loop Trail in Ecola State Park. It gave us a beautiful view of Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, but even more enlightening [...]

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Chehalis RV & Camping Resort (Thousand Trails)

Chehalis, WA Website: Overview: This is the first Thousand Trails Park. As such it is very large with lots of amenities. The park is centrally located between Mount Rainer National Park and Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument. Campsites: Somewhat level natural or gravel sites. Most sites are very private with numerous shade trees. Each site has 30 amps with water; some sites have sewer connections. Most sites are back in sites, but there a several pull through sites available. Each site has a picnic table and fire pit. Amenities: Seasonal family lodge and pool, Adult lodge with seasonal pool and hot tub, saunas, tennis courts, basketball courts, seasonal slip and slide, seasonal activities, horse stables and trails, bathhouses, dog park, playgrounds, group fire pit and gazebo, horseshoe pits, shuffleboard courts, hiking trails, laundry, RV storage, dump stations, and propane refill station. Pet friendly: Yes, they have a large fenced in dog park. Internet:  Free Wi-Fi available at the lodges. Good cellular signals at most sites. Price:  $37-42/night Rating: 4/5

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Paradise Resort (Thousand Trails)

Silver Creek, WA Website: Overview: This Thousand Trail/Encore resort is nicely situated between Mount Rainer National Park and Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument. In fact Mt Rainer and Mt St Helens are visible from the entrance on a clear day! The amenities, especially the pools and hot tub, are great. This property is a great place to stay when visiting the Mount Rainer area! Campsites: Fairly level earthen mostly pull through sites. There are also some back-in sites. A variety of hookups are available ranging from full hookups 50/30 amp, water, sewer, to 30 amp only, water, sewer, to 50 amp only, to 30 amp only, to no hookups. About ½ sites are full hooks-ups with only ~10 with 50 amp service. Each site has a picnic table and most have trees for shade. The sites are fairly narrow, thus there is minimal patio space. Spacing between spots is minimal, but due to the large size of the park it is possible to have privacy and no neighbors. Amenities: Pools (family pool, shallow child pool, and adult only pool), adult only hot tub, adult center, seasonal camp store, clubhouse, activity center, laundry center, playground, tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, shuffleboard courts, horseshoe pits, boat rental, fishing on 2 small lakes, propane refill station, dump stations, and hiking trails. Pet friendly: Yes. Large fenced in dog run! Internet:  Public Wi-Fi available at community center, but not available at most sites. Decent cellular signals (Sprint and AT&T are better than Verizon here) Price:  ~$35-40/night Rating: 4/5

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RVenture’s 2014 Reflection

As 2014 comes to a close we decided to reflect on our first year on the road. What an adventure RVenture has been. It has been some of the best times, some of the worst times, and all that lies between. Ah, the life on the open road. When we set out on this journey a little more than a year ago we were total RV novices. We had no idea how much work and maintenance was involved in this nomadic lifestyle. Let me tell you, backpacking around the world is way easier and cheaper. When all that you own is carried on your back, you are so flexible and have little that holds you down. Literally, if you pack well! This enables you to have the ultimate carefree lifestyle. However, the benefits of traveling with your own house are numerous, but they come at a price. I will not list all the problems we have had with our RV this year. If I did, it would consume multiple pages. But just for a taste, we have had to fix the RV slide-out twice, replace every battery that exists in the RV, reseal the windshield frame, fix a crack in the windshield, replace the heating/cooling thermostat, and replace air conditioners (both for the truck engine and house A/C). And our most recent adventure is replacing the RV front grill from the damage a deer did to it. Amazingly, the deer ran away unscathed. However, the piece is custom made and takes 4-8 weeks. And that list doesn’t even touch on the small fixes and upgrades we made. Whew, talk about a money pit. But there are so many benefits. The most important is that our [...]

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Volcanoes and Paradise

Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and a Wedding in Upstate NY September 12- October 1, 2014 Driving away from the San Juan Islands early was difficult. Raja was having issues so we just took off, caught the ferry, and then drove to Silver Creek, WA. Silver Creek would be our home base while we visited Mount Rainier and Mt St Helens. Before we could play tourists we had to play parents so we drove Raja to Portland to get checked up by Dr. Stephanie Harvey, a dear friend who just so happens to be living on the West Coast. Luckily, Raja’s blood work was normal and her radiographs (x-rays) just showed some degenerative joint disease (arthritis) in her pelvis.   Our assumption was that she fell in the RV. Actually after several days back in the RV we noticed that Raja would no longer go to her favorite ‘sun’ spot up on the dashboard by the steering wheel. So we think she probably got caught up on the steering wheel while jumping down. Fortunately, several days of pain medication and rest had our sweet old lady back to her talkative self! After patching up the cat we decided it was again time for the tourist us, so we drove to Mount Rainier National Park. Our destination this day was the Paradise area. What a beautiful drive and hike. The mountain peaked out showing us it’s magnificence, and the marmots where playing and chatting around every trail bend. It was a better hike than either of us thought it would be, which for us is a pleasant surprise. Needless to say we really enjoyed ourselves! Exhausted, the next few days were spent on [...]

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The remainder of our time on San Juan Island was spent in search of whales. Since we spent 10 days in the islands we were in daily contact with local whale watching vessels. We wanted to make sure that we choose a good day to search for the magical creatures of the sea. Unfortunately, day after day there we no sightings or the whales were too far away. On many of these days we headed to Lime Kiln Park and sat on the banks in search of some water movement. We saw lots of harbor seals, jellyfish, and kayakers, but no whales. On other days we continued to explore San Juan Island. On one day we visited the English Camp. You might remember that I already mentioned American Camp and the Pig War (see this post). English Camp is situated in a bay on the northwestern side of San Juan Island. It still has several existing buildings and a great fruit orchard. We both enjoyed the ripe pears. The local herd of deer also enjoyed the pears! We also walked a several mile loop hike around Westcott Bay. The best part of the hike was watching the harbor seals watching us! They are truly remarkable and curious animals. Another adventure that we did while waiting for the whales to appear was to hike Mount Young. Mt Young is the highest peak on San Juan Island and as such offers amazing views. We hiked up for sunset and were not disappointed. On our second to last day in the islands our persistence paid off and we were invited to Whale-a-pa-looza! All three of the resident Orca pods were near San [...]

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