Slot Canyons, Sculpted Gorges, Sacred Bridges, and Soaring Cliffs

Page, AZ April 14-21, 2015 Page, Arizona is a very small town with lots of natural beauty surrounding it. We were drawn here by one of the world’s most photographed sites, Antelope Canyon. This canyon has been on our must do list for quite some time so we decided it was time! Upon our arrival in Page, we drove over to one of the other famous spots in this small town, the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell. Yes, this is another dam on the mighty Colorado River. The construction of the dam is what actually created this town, however the native Navajo tribe has resided here for much, much longer. The dam is actually very impressive if you enjoy concrete as far as the eye can see. The dam provides lots of hydroelectric power to the region and also creates the second largest artificial lake in the USA. However, when I gaze at such a large human feat, I can’t help but to ponder what was destroyed in the making of this mighty piece of engineering. As I will describe later, a whole canyon ecosystem and a lot of history was drowned. But anytime you see an enormous lake in the middle of the high plateau desert it is still strikingly beautiful. Our next adventure was to explore Upper Antelope Canyon! This amazing canyon and its sister Lower Antelope Canyon lay on the Navajo Nation’s land and thus must be explored with a native guide. No worries though, there are about 4 native tour companies in Page that can arrange a spot for you. However, you will be on a ‘jeep’ tour with 70 other people and only in the canyon for 60 [...]

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Page Lake Powell Campground

Page, AZ Website: Overview: This is a campground located in the city of Page. It is a great location for exploring all the wonderful geology/history in this section of Arizona and southern Utah. Campsites: Full (30/50 amp, water, sewer, cable) and partial hook-ups (30 amp, water) are available. Each site is a fairly level gravel pad and has a picnic table. There is a good amount of spacing between each site (our neighbor has a 40+ foot class A diesel, diesel extended cab truck, and a large boat/yacht on his spot). Each spot does have some shade trees. Tent sites are leveled sand and very nice. Amenities: Indoor pool, bathroom facilities, laundry room, fitness center, arcade, small nature trail, playground, dump station, small convenience store, and propane filling station. Pet friendly: Yes, but they must remain on leash. Internet:  Yes, free Wi Fi. Great cellular signals. Price:  $24-31/night Rating: 3/5

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Soaking up Sun and Spirit in Sedona

March 27- April 14, 2015 Ahh…it’s good to be back in the red rocks of Sedona. I have already said all one needs to hear about Sedona (check out our previous blog here). If my words have not sparked a desire to pay this place a visit then good, it’s getting overcrowded here anyway. We decided to stay around in the area for three weeks and spent little to no time getting reacquainted with our vacation spot. The town of Cottonwood is closer to the RV Park than Sedona so only because of sheer proximity the little town became our home. Of course Sedona has a ton of great hiking trails, magnificent vistas, and health conscious food, so we did our due diligence of indulging when time permitted, which it always does when you are neck deep in travel. We did manage to do a few things that we had reluctantly missed on our previous visits so I guess I will write a little about them. Just keep in mind all the usual vortexes, restaurants, and crystal shops were revisited. So what’s new? Slide Rock State Park peaked our interest since the desert days were unusually hot for this time of year. This state park has easy walking trails and plenty of tourists and locals in bathing gear. Why, you might wonder? Well as the name implies there are a number of rock slides that backsides have smoothed down along with the raging river. Actually this time of year, before the monsoons begin, the water is not really raging and it is ICE cold. Refreshing is more of the term used to coax bathing cladded families into the pools and slides. Refreshing it [...]

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The day we delightfully backed in next to the Devil

Ok, Ok, we will let you in on the secrets of Las Vegas. Our main reason for returning to Sin City was to repair our RV. Remember, when we hit that deer last fall in Oregon? Well, it was finally time to fix Atreyu’s grill. He was complaining that people were judging him for his lack of teeth. He was too ‘gummy’, he said. So after 3 or 4 repair estimates from Oregon, California, and Las Vegas we received the best quote from the Sin City. So we made our way to the valley of gambling. We arrived a week before Atreyu was due to go the ‘dentist’, so we made the best of our leisure time. Our first outings were to be ‘tourists’ on the Strip. We awed at the Bellagio’s fountain show and gardens, watched fire stream from volcanoes at the Mirage, took a leisurely stroll along the canals of the Venetian, and gambled a bit. You, know like $10. As much as you guys may disagree, we are not big risk takers. Especially when we know the odds are not in our favor. Oh, and we signed up for a time-share presentation! That is right folks, we endured 90 minutes of mild flames and torture to score 2 sets of ‘free’ show tickets and a ‘free’ weekend in Vegas at a later date. Here is a story that should have stayed in Vegas. I am going to call this story, “The day we delightfully backed in next to the Devil”. Our ‘high scale’ time-share presentation was at the smoke infused, soon to be destroyed Riviera Hotel and Casino. Now, picture greasy old men in cowboy boots, pressed jeans, and cowboy collared [...]

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Sin City.

Las Vegas, NV March 10-27, 2015 So we spent two weeks in Las Vegas. You know what they say right? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. End of post.

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RO filter Hell in Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu City, AZ March 1-10, 2015 We arrived at our nice site at Cattail Cove State Park, on the banks of Lake Havasu, with no issues. The drive was scenic and painless. Those two rarely go together while driving around your bath and a half home on wheels. This post is going to be a little short only because we did not do epic things while staying on the lake. We took some downtime to relax and float around. Of course we drove to town often and hit up nearly every brewery in the area. By now you should realize that is a given. We also managed to explore downtown thoroughly. This included a few walks under the famous London Bridge, which was brought brick by brick from London.  The city thought it was getting the actual Tower Bridge, bummer. The rest of the time was spent on the lake. That was a daily decompression from the hellish experience of installing an RO (Reverse Osmosis filtration) system in the rig. The project should have been easy, but once the filter I ordered online arrived I realized that all the parts that are needed to connect it to an RV were nowhere to be found. So the daily search for needed parts, finding a tank that fit under our sink, and the tools needed to install said filtering system began. It really was not as bad as I'm making it sound but our PR blog manager said that bad experiences tend to sell better to the younger generation than positive ones. And with nine people checking our blog on a regular basis I thought that adding some Hell to the story might [...]

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Cattail Cove State Park

Lake Havasu City, AZ Website: Overview: This a great state park 15 miles south of Lake Havasu City. It is nestled in the mountains on the lake. The park is rather small for a state park, but you have lake access, a beach, and several miles of hiking trails. We really enjoyed our time here! Campsites: Fairly level paved and gravel sites with partial hookups (30 amp and water). Each site has a picnic table and fire pit. Amenities: Nice bathhouses, boat dock, boat ramp, sand beach with swimming area and shaded picnic tables, amphitheater, cactus garden, ranger led programs, book exchange, hiking trails, and fish cleaning station. Pet friendly: Yes. Dogs are not allowed on the sand beach, but there is a separate dog beach where they can swim! Internet:  No public Wi-Fi, but fantastic cellular signals. Price:  $28/night Rating: 4/5

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‘Lettuce’ tell you about Yuma

3:10 to Yuma, AZ Well, we decided to follow a path further south to Yuma to check out what all the hoopla was about. Sadly, we found out that it was mostly all talk and no action. Of course this “all talk” is a metaphor for Mexican dentistry and “no action” is another metaphor for relaxing in the sunniest place in the world. But don’t let me get too far ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning of it all, The Prison Hill Brewery. Yuma is known for its territorial prison which helped calm some of the wild out of the West, and where you have a prison a brewery is sure to follow. Upon landing at our sunny location just outside of Yuma City we dropped into the brewery for some suds and pub grub. Fairly priced brews were a thing of our past since we had hit California but, as fate would have it, cheap beer can still be found just across the boarder in Arizona. The days in Yuma were hot which is why we chose it in the dead of winter. Shooting straight temperatures averaging 78 degrees this weather is made for boondocking. We opted for a cheap stay with full hookups but the desert hills were full of wildcampers and dune buggies. We of course did some proper jail time in the old prison, Yuma Territorial Prison, with our free time. Personally, I like the brewery better than old rusty cells that whisper of dusty sunburned wild men. That’s just not my kind of vibe, but each to their own. We also worked in a legal boarder crossing into old Mexico to check out the [...]

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Yuma Lakes

Yuma, Arizona Website: Overview: This is a Resort Parks International (RPI) member park. It is located 10 minutes outside of downtown Yuma. Being outside the city the park is surrounding by farmland, lots of lettuce fields, and feels remote. There is also nice size lake on the property. This is a favorite winter destination for many Canadians and North westerners. It is also a great spot to stay if you want to go to Los Algodones, Mexico for dental health care. Campsites: Fairly level gravel pads with full hookups (30 amp, water, and sewer). Each site has a picnic table. The sites are closely spaced therefore there is not much privacy. However, about half of the sites have nice mature shade trees. Amenities: Plentiful activities! Heated pool and hot tub, horseshoe pits, bocce ball, fishing, shuffleboard, corn hole tournaments, billiards room, miniature golf, adult center, propane refill station, and lake access. Pet friendly: Yes, fenced in dog run with agility equipment! Internet:  No public Wi-Fi, but good cellular signals. Price:  This is a member only park.

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Sunbeam Lake R.V. Resort

El Centro, CA Website: Overview: This is a gem of a park in the middle of the southeastern California desert. It is on Sunbeam Lake, which is a water oasis for birds. There is also a county park on the lake creating many walking trails and further amenities (dirt bike racing track, pavilion, playground, etc.). The park is very well maintained and the people are super friendly. We only stayed one night as we were just passing through, but enjoyed our stay. As a bonus the Blue Angels fly over just about everyday! Campsites: Level gravel pad with cement patio, full hookup with 50/30 amp, water, and sewer. The sites are somewhat close together but must have small trees separating them. There are lake sites, lagoon sites, and general sites available. Amenities: Large heated pool, hot tub, multiple laundries and shower/bath houses, activity center, pickleball courts, horseshoe pits, shuffleboard, boat ramp, lake assess, walking trail around a lagoon, card room, billiard room, and exercise room Pet friendly: Yes. There are two fenced in play/walk areas for dogs. There are designated pet sites and non-pet sites Internet:  Yes, free Wi-Fi and great cellular signals Price:  $41-47/night Rating: 4/5  

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