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Arching our way through Desert Views.

By |July 19th, 2015|

Moab, Utah April 21- May 4, 2015 Moab, Utah is a cool place. Well, it is actually a very hot place because it is in the desert and it contains Uranium mines that are now environmental remediation sites (Moab UMTRA Project), but that is not the point here just don’t drink the water. This hip town is surrounded by amazing natural beauty and steeped with Native American knowledge. The most famous spot in town is of course, Arches National Park. This is another fantastic treasure of America. We spent days exploring this wonderland of stone arches and meandering desert paths. We even got commentary by Edward Abbey, one of the first park rangers to call this park home, via an audiobook of his book, Desert Solitaire. I highly recommend reading or listening to local books while exploring a new area. It gives you a much deeper understanding and appreciation of your surroundings. Some of the highlights of this park are Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch, Balanced Rock, and the Fiery Furnace! In order to explore the Fiery Furnace you must have a guide, as this is a place of towering rock fins and gorges that is easy to get lost or hurt in. In fact, a couple went missing while we were there. Luckily they were found unharmed, we think? We enjoyed our 3 hour guided Park Ranger tour through the maze. I will now let the photos of Arches National Park explain the rest of our meanderings. Moab is also a home base for the nearby Canyonlands National Park. Canyonlands is an enormous park that consists of three distinct sections, the Island in the Sky, the Needles, and the Maze. There is actually [...]

Chilling at the 3rd deepest lake in America, Lake Chelan

By |October 3rd, 2014|

Lake Chelan, WA August 2-9, 2014 Holy cow, we’ve stumbled upon a quant little beach town in the middle of burning forests! We arrived in Lake Chelan with a newly chipped windshield and immediately upon arrival we were told we would have to board our animals before we would be allowed to enter the park. Bummer. After some conversation and our willingness to leave with a full refund the park decided that we should stay. Go figure. From that moment on Wizard became a “therapy dog”. His new title never fooled me, but if that’s the way they want us to explain it, ok. So yes we were at a packed family vacation park on the beach of one of the deepest lakes in the US and we couldn’t let the dogs out. That was the crappy part, but the lake and small town made up for most of the verbal abuse we endured when the Wiz had to wiz. Seriously, some dude bitched at us for walking the dog. He was clearly having a mid-wife crisis as told by his premature balding patterns. He also had the delusion that he owned the upper half of the park. Weird. We were biking distance to town so we regularly took a ride to eat out and peruse the shops. We drove around the lake as much as roads would take us enjoying the wineries, orchards, and over all scenic views. We were here during all the wildfires in Washington state so by now we were used to the smell of constant smoke and the faint hellish glow coming from over the hills. In Glacier National Park we first saw the smoke from Washington’s fires. [...]

RVenture Lessons: Windshield repairs…

By |January 7th, 2014|

Life is never dull when you live in a rolling house. Our weekly saying for this week is: "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade." That is right, we had to make another RV repair. We have been enjoying the uncharacteristic chilly Gulf coast but each morning we noticed condensation on our windshield. Then when I was cleaning the house and doing a stinkbug sweep (yes, we still do occasionally see one of those dreadful cilantro flavored bugs) I noticed a pool of water between our windshield and dashboard. OH NO! And yes, there were stinkbugs floating in this water. So, we cleaned it up with some absorbent towels and added a dehumidifier, hoping that would do the trick. Well the next morning there it was again. A couple of phone calls later we had an appointment with Camping World. The unique problem for RVers is that when the car goes into the shop, so does your home! So my next question was, "What about the animals?" Raja and Wizard Wizard can stay with us, no problem. But what about Raja? Do I put her in her cat carrier and keep her in the car, do we rent a hotel, do I put her in kitty daycare, and if so where (especially because I am veterinarian and SUPER picky about where my 15 year cat will stay)? Our solution was to keep them with us (I don't easily release control over my pet OCD). We packed up our home and headed to Camping World early Friday morning. Luckily when we got there, they were fine with keeping Raja closed in the bedroom area and Wizard was allowed in the store. Whew, Raja will be [...]