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Hello Seattle.

By |October 10th, 2014|

Seattle, WA August 17-24, 2014 Tall Chief RV Resort We had a lovely week in Seattle. Who says it is always rainy and overcast in Seattle because it sure wasn’t for our week! We made thejourney over the Cascade Mountains from Leavenworth to Fall City, Washington. The drive was beautiful and we made it over Stephens Pass with minimal stress. Fall City is a very small town just outside of Redmond, the home of Microsoft, and about 45 minutes from downtown Seattle. This suburb doesn’t even feel like the city, we were surrounded by farmland! So, we tucked our RV into an oasis in the woods and went to the pool! As mentioned in a previous post, on our drive from Spokane to Lake Chelan we had an unfortunate incident with a rock and our windshield. We had then spent the next 2 weeks in remote eastern Washington. So our first priority in the Seattle area was to fix our windshield. The chip was about the size of a half dollar, so we weren’t sure if they would be able to seal the crack or if we would have to replace the whole windshield. So when the Safelite guy showed up at our rig we bombarded him with questions. He was a very young dude that had never repaired a RV windshield, thus it shouldn’t be a surprise that he was intimidated by both the size of the windshield and our questions. He wasn’t sure if the repair would seal the whole crack and thought we would probably have to replace the whole windshield. We didn’t want to risk making it worse so we decided to send him on his way and do [...]

RVenture Lessons: Windshield repairs…

By |January 7th, 2014|

Life is never dull when you live in a rolling house. Our weekly saying for this week is: "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade." That is right, we had to make another RV repair. We have been enjoying the uncharacteristic chilly Gulf coast but each morning we noticed condensation on our windshield. Then when I was cleaning the house and doing a stinkbug sweep (yes, we still do occasionally see one of those dreadful cilantro flavored bugs) I noticed a pool of water between our windshield and dashboard. OH NO! And yes, there were stinkbugs floating in this water. So, we cleaned it up with some absorbent towels and added a dehumidifier, hoping that would do the trick. Well the next morning there it was again. A couple of phone calls later we had an appointment with Camping World. The unique problem for RVers is that when the car goes into the shop, so does your home! So my next question was, "What about the animals?" Raja and Wizard Wizard can stay with us, no problem. But what about Raja? Do I put her in her cat carrier and keep her in the car, do we rent a hotel, do I put her in kitty daycare, and if so where (especially because I am veterinarian and SUPER picky about where my 15 year cat will stay)? Our solution was to keep them with us (I don't easily release control over my pet OCD). We packed up our home and headed to Camping World early Friday morning. Luckily when we got there, they were fine with keeping Raja closed in the bedroom area and Wizard was allowed in the store. Whew, Raja will be [...]

The Great Plague

By |October 4th, 2013|

Saturday, September 28, 2013 Wow! What a day, and not in a good way. It was one of those days, you know the ones that you hear travelers tell when reminiscing about the worst-of-times while traveling. We woke up and went to the local store to pick up some supplies before we needed to leave our absolutely beautiful location near Asheville. We prepped the rig and started to pull our slides in when stinkbugs just started to pour in our living room, by the thousands. Panicked by seeing the stupid mistake we had made a fellow camper came running over and told us to pump the slides first before pulling them all the way in because it is stinkbug mating season, they like the rubber slide of the tracks. Too late! We had a living room full of the little stinky creepies. We frantically tried to catch them and shoo them outdoors. As check out was approaching we needed to leave our site so off I drove with a swarm of bugs in the truck cruising down mountain roads. Unreal! Unfortunately for you, our backseat riders, we went into panic mode and did not get any pictures, but let me paint one for your minds eye. Picture a waterfall wall of cockroaches descending next to your sofa, then continue this water fall effect for about ten seconds, now multiply that by 2 sides and 2 slides. That's a shit ton of smelly let me tell you. I was driving through an especially touristy mountain town when I stopped at a light and looked over at the car next to me. An older lady was looking at me when two bugs landed on my face, I [...]

RVenture Lesson #1

By |August 31st, 2013|

RVenture lesson #1: Check the big bad bus at least 2 weeks prior to departure because something will likely be in need of repair. Somedays it seems like it is two steps forward, one step back. Today we started to load the monster truck and discovered that the AC in the 'old' Ford was not working. So, after a sweaty drive back to the RV shop, we found out the compressor is blown and needs to be replaced. Therefore, we may be starting a little later then planned. Due to the holiday, everything is closed this weekend. And in order for Atreyu to be 'cool' again we need to set up a meeting between him and our local Ford dealer. I hope he is rocking a solid mustache, all mechanics worth their weight in wrenches have good mustaches. We are chomping at the bit at this point. We both just want to head out. On a positive note we have been getting a ton of last minute stuff accomplished! Once the AC is working and a new rock-guard is installed we will be on the road. Baby you a song, you make me wanna to roll my windows down and cruise. On a more serious note, GO DAWGS!