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Mount Shasta

By |February 4th, 2015|

November 12-18,2014 We were very sad to leave Bend so quickly, but very happy to be in Mount Shasta. This holy mountain has been pulling us to her for some time now. And she didn’t disappoint! Upon arrival, Wade set to work fixing the thermostat. I am very blessed with Wade’s handyman skills. Not only does he save us a lot of money, but also fixes the essentials when we are in a bind.  So after pulling apart most of the wiring in the RV we once again had a functioning thermostat and electric heater! Just in time to bunker into the polar vortex. Mount Shasta is a very cute, artsy, new age town. We thoroughly enjoyed all the local art, crystal shops, bookstores, and coffee shops. We even stocked up on more crystals, I mean rocks, and loved hearing about the local lore of the Lemurians. I think we even saw several Lemurians ourselves during our weeklong stay. If you are interested in alternate Earth culture and history you should look into Lemurians and Telos! Our real reason for visiting Mount Shasta was not to shop, but to explore this beautiful mountain. Mount Shasta is one of the southernmost volcanoes in the Cascade Range and the second tallest of this range. She sits like a diamond amongst all the surrounding low hills. And much of this area is national forest land. It is true beauty! Our first hike was to Horse Camp, which is a base camp for Mount Shasta mountain climbers. We chose a day that was very cold and snowy to climb this trail, which created a very magical hike! The forest was quiet and the top of Mount Shasta [...]

Mount Shasta City KOA

By |February 4th, 2015|

Mount Shasta, CA Website: Overview: This is a very nice KOA RV resort in downtown Mount Shasta, California. The location is ideal as you can walk to the downtown shops and restaurants and can see Mt Shasta from the campground. We do not stay at too many KOAs as in our experience they are properly known as ‘Kamping On Asphalt’. However, this campground is an exception to the rule. It is wooded and has a lot of character. We enjoyed our stay. Campsites: Level, gravel pull through sites with full hook-ups (30/50 amp, water, sewer). Each site has a picnic table. Most have some shade trees. Spacing is fairly close. Amenities: Cabin rental, country store, seasonal pool, playground, game room, group fire pit, tent sites, laundry, horseshoe pits, shuffleboard, and basketball court. Pet friendly: Yes, but they must be on a leash. Internet:  Free Wi-Fi and good cell phone signals Price:  $36/night Rating: 3/5

A series of unfortunate events in Bend, Oregon

By |January 24th, 2015|

November 11-12, 2014 When the universe wants you to be somewhere else, the easiest thing to do is to go. Bend is a town that many travelers along the way have told us we would love. We had been looking forward to exploring Bend since we arrived on the west coast. We arrived in Bend a little weary from the drive, but our main concern was freezing in place as the first polar vortex of the season was quickly approaching.  We’ve had this happen a few times along the way and each time has been the same, not fun. This time we thought we would be better prepared, so virtually upon arrival we set off to the local hardware store to buy some heat tape and a safe heatproof water hose. We set them up and hoped for the best. It got in the teens that night and in the morning we were once again frozen in place. Despite our new heated water hose the water froze under the RV, in the walls or floor, so there really is nothing we can do not to freeze at these temperatures. Bummer. Frozen in place we set out to see if we could figure out how to better keep ourselves warm. Shortly after poking around with the water we realized that our furnace was not kicking on. One of our temperature sensors was reading 103 degrees, the max. Our furnace runs off this sensor but since the max temperature we can set is 90 degrees it would never turn on. Great. Frozen water and no furnace, this was our omen to leave and fast before the snow hits and gets us stuck into place. You would think [...]

Bend-Sunriver RV Camping (Thousand Trails)

By |January 24th, 2015|

Bend, OR Website: Overview: This is a very nice RV park about 20-30 minutes to downtown Bend. The sites are fairly large with lots of shade trees. The Little Deschutes River runs through the property. Unfortunately, we only stayed one night at this resort due to freezing temperatures. Campsites: Level gravel/dirt pads with water and 30-amp electricity. There are no sewer hookups available; however there are 2 dump stations on the property. Each site has plenty of trees providing shade and privacy. Each site has a picnic table and fire ring. Amenities: Old west themed Welcome Center, family lodge, pool, hot tub, miniature golf, tennis courts, gazebo, laundry center, bathhouses, playground, horseshoe pits, RV storage, multiple dump stations, and cabin rental. Pet friendly: Yes. Unfenced field area for pet walking or off leash play. Internet:  Wi-Fi available at the lodge. Price:  non-member $41/night Rating: 3/5

Armitage Park Campground

By |January 22nd, 2015|

Eugene, OR Website: Overview: This is a gem of an RV park in near downtown Eugene.   The sites are very nice and well maintained. It is a short drive to downtown Eugene or to the RV repair/factory facilities. For a more detailed review check out fellow RV blogger Wheelingit’s review here. Campsites: Full hook-up (30/50 amp, water, sewer) paved sites. Back in and pull through sites are available. The sites are nicely spaced and have lots of shade trees. Each site has a fire pit and picnic table. Amenities: Bathhouses, laundry room, hiking trails, river access, fantastic dog park, boat ramp, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, and picnic areas. Pet friendly: Yes! There is a fantastic large fenced in dog park at this county park. Internet:  Great cellular signals and public Wi-Fi is also available. Price:  $30-33/night Rating: 4/5

Beaches, rain, and mushrooms!

By |January 16th, 2015|

Pacific City, OR October 22-November 4, 2014 "The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination & brings eternal joy to the soul.” A Beautiful Oregon Beach With a name like Pacific City who would have the will power to just keep driving? Not us. We left Seaside in the rain and arrived at Pacific City in the rain. Can you see a pattern starting to form? Washington and Oregon are known for their brutally rainy winters and this year is off to a good start. After the rain settled down enough to leave the relative safety of Atreyu we went out for a bite to eat and a pint at the local Pelican Brewery. There goes that rainy day! Since the rains had started we had noticed that our towels would rarely dry and the dampness found outside was starting to migrate inside, not good. So Kindy had a great idea of installing a heated towel rack. Once it arrived we installed it and then took Wizard for his daily walk on the beach. Movies that night followed by dry towels in the morning! We might be getting the hang of this lifestyle after all. This section of the Oregon coast has two main things, lighthouses and cheese factories. After taking a beautiful drive down the 101 to a few lighthouses we ended up at the Tillamook Factory to stock up on the local cheese. Oh and did I mention the food trucks are still around although a little harder to find. No pods just single tucked away trucks. Yum. Over the course of the next few days we walked the beaches, caught up on more movies, [...]

Pacific City RV and Camping Resort (Thousand Trails)

By |January 16th, 2015|

Pacific City, Oregon Website: Overview: We really liked this campground. The best part about it was that you could walk to the beach! Wizard especially enjoyed this amenity. The sites are very private. You r most nosy neighbors are the rabbits. It is located along Oregon’s 3 capes scenic route, so there are numerous day tripping opportunities. The only down side is that is has very limited cell and Internet service (this could also be a benefit for some). The small town of Pacific City is only a 5 minute drive away where you can enjoy a local brew at Pelican Brewery, have fantastic food at their local bakery, or watch the Dory ships by the haystack. Campsites: Variable sites some in wooded sections and some with ocean views up high on a bluff. Each site has 30 amp power and water. There are some sewer sites also. Must sites are on gravel and back in. Some pull through sites are available. Must sites are very private with trees or hedges between sites! Each site has a picnic table and fire pit. Amenities: Family lodge, seasonal indoor swimming pool, hot tub, welcome center, gazebos (with ocean views), bathhouses, walking trail to the beach, miniature golf, pickle ball court, basketball court, cabin rental, RV storage (with power), outdoor stage, playground, hiking trails, horse corrals (and camping), fish cleaning station, horseshoes, propane service, and laundry facility Pet friendly: Yes. No off leash Dog Park is on the premises, but the beach is only a short walk away. The beach is pet friendly and there are no leash laws on the beach. Internet:  Wi-Fi available at the lodge, limited cellular signals (we had very slow connection with our [...]

RVenture’s 2014 Reflection

By |December 31st, 2014|

As 2014 comes to a close we decided to reflect on our first year on the road. What an adventure RVenture has been. It has been some of the best times, some of the worst times, and all that lies between. Ah, the life on the open road. When we set out on this journey a little more than a year ago we were total RV novices. We had no idea how much work and maintenance was involved in this nomadic lifestyle. Let me tell you, backpacking around the world is way easier and cheaper. When all that you own is carried on your back, you are so flexible and have little that holds you down. Literally, if you pack well! This enables you to have the ultimate carefree lifestyle. However, the benefits of traveling with your own house are numerous, but they come at a price. I will not list all the problems we have had with our RV this year. If I did, it would consume multiple pages. But just for a taste, we have had to fix the RV slide-out twice, replace every battery that exists in the RV, reseal the windshield frame, fix a crack in the windshield, replace the heating/cooling thermostat, and replace air conditioners (both for the truck engine and house A/C). And our most recent adventure is replacing the RV front grill from the damage a deer did to it. Amazingly, the deer ran away unscathed. However, the piece is custom made and takes 4-8 weeks. And that list doesn’t even touch on the small fixes and upgrades we made. Whew, talk about a money pit. But there are so many benefits. The most important is that our [...]


By |December 12th, 2014|

The remainder of our time on San Juan Island was spent in search of whales. Since we spent 10 days in the islands we were in daily contact with local whale watching vessels. We wanted to make sure that we choose a good day to search for the magical creatures of the sea. Unfortunately, day after day there we no sightings or the whales were too far away. On many of these days we headed to Lime Kiln Park and sat on the banks in search of some water movement. We saw lots of harbor seals, jellyfish, and kayakers, but no whales. On other days we continued to explore San Juan Island. On one day we visited the English Camp. You might remember that I already mentioned American Camp and the Pig War (see this post). English Camp is situated in a bay on the northwestern side of San Juan Island. It still has several existing buildings and a great fruit orchard. We both enjoyed the ripe pears. The local herd of deer also enjoyed the pears! We also walked a several mile loop hike around Westcott Bay. The best part of the hike was watching the harbor seals watching us! They are truly remarkable and curious animals. Another adventure that we did while waiting for the whales to appear was to hike Mount Young. Mt Young is the highest peak on San Juan Island and as such offers amazing views. We hiked up for sunset and were not disappointed. On our second to last day in the islands our persistence paid off and we were invited to Whale-a-pa-looza! All three of the resident Orca pods were near San [...]

Enjoying ‘Slowpez’ Island

By |December 10th, 2014|

Lopez Island, San Juan Islands, Washington While in the San Juan Islands we also ventured over to Lopez Island. This island is nicknamed ‘Slowpez’, as it is a laid-back bicycle-loving island. It encourages bicycling so much that it hosts a Tour de Lopez Bike Ride every year. It only has one very small ‘town’ with a couple shops, restaurants, and a grocery store. The rest of the island consists of farmland, state parks, and wilderness. A really cool aspect of the San Juan Islands is that they are mostly self-sustaining. Most of their food, including meat (beef, chicken, pork, etc.) and vegetables are grown on island. Consequently, there are numerous farm stands along the roads. These farm stands are still run on the honor system, so you just pick your pleasures and pay the donation box. On this day we bought some pork, lots of fresh tomatoes, and peppers. I cannot tell you how much I love farm stands! We drove the whole circuit of Lopez Island and really enjoyed ourselves. The highlight of our day was watching harbor seals and Stellar sea lions at Shark Reef Park. These marine mammals live on small islands just off shore and it is remarkable to watch them sunbathe. It is also super cool to watch the harbor seals move out of the way of the Stellar sea lions! Another gem on Lopez Island is Spencer Spit State Park. There is a great hike along the ‘spit’ where you can collect your crab pots, watch the sea birds, or just admire the beauty of the islands. We had a very laid back day soaking up Lopez Island! Next up on [...]