Fort Collins, Colorado

May 19- June 5, 2015

We love the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado! The area from Boulder to Fort Collins is definitely a place we could call home. Amazing beauty, wildlife, abundant outdoor activities, breweries, hip downtowns, access to all the amenities that Denver offers, and did I mention breweries and beauty.  Yeah, it’s fair to say we love it here.

We spent almost 3 weeks in the late spring here and it was so fun. After our arrival we got some new skins (tires) on the car in preparation for an Alaska RVenture. Yes, that is right we were preparing for an epic summer adventure!

Kari and her beautiful girls!

Kari and her beautiful girls!

First however, we happily drove up the Rocky Mountains to visit a familiar face that we had not seen in a long time. It was awesome to catch up with one of my high school best friend’s and meet her amazing kids! We even weathered a winter snowstorm to get there. The beauty of that area makes the treacherous, dirt, winter roads worth it. Thanks for having us Kari!

Next we took to the great outdoors, to do some soul refreshing. That brought us to the amazing Rocky Mountain National Park. The Rockies are so striking to be immersed in. The tall jagged peaks and the lush green valleys with elk causally grazing. There were owlets in the trees and snowballs in the air. There were vast spring vistas and huge winter snow piles. Then there was an epic hike (we should have brought snowshoes) to a wonderful waterfall and lake. It was just what we needed to reconnect.

After feeling refreshed we decided that this was not the year to make the over 5000-mile journey to Alaska. Instead we would head east to a part of the USA we have not yet explored, the Great Lakes. But before then we would further devour Colorado.

We tasted many brews in the hip city of Fort Collins. One of our favorites (for many years now) is New Belgium and their brewery tour was fabulous! We also tasted and ate through Boulder and many of the foothill towns.

One of our last outings was to The Wild Animal Sanctuary. This is a large sanctuary for rescued large animals, namely tigers, bears, and lions, just north of Denver. The animals are rescued from horrible lives in cages and roadside attractions, as well as from people who think these animals are pets (they are NOT). It is kind of funny witnessing bears, tigers, and lions in the desert-type plains of Colorado, but they really do a great job giving these animals large acreage habitats to live the remainder of their lives in. (Despite being kind of snobbish or inconsiderate as an organization.) We enjoyed our afternoon watching the bears come out of winter hibernation and the lions and tigers do what cats do, sleep.

Once again, we really enjoy Colorado. It is one of the places that feel like home. But our home has wheels and it is time to move on. It is time to move on, it is time to get going, what lies ahead we have no way of knowing…