May 12-19, 2015

In typical Taos fashion I’m writing this post while drinking some local brews and breathing in the fresh air. Now I understand you might not know anything about Taos, New Mexico so let me give you a quick primer. Picture Mad Max mixed with Steam Punk, now throw in a few new age crystals and add some Native Americans and you would only be lacking a pinch of angst. Once completely mixed make sure to re-separate and you’ll have a good feel for Taos. No doubt that’s the brew talking but it’s nonetheless our experience of the interesting desert town.

Why go in the first place? I can hear you telepathically asking. Earthships are the only answer I really have. Breweries might come in a close second but green building is what really brought us out of the mountains and down onto the Taos plateau. Earthships are homes that are zero energy to live in once built. If that’s not impressive then I guess you like paying utility bills. I don’t. So how do you build a home that is net zero energy to live in and collects it’s own water? One word, Dirt. Yup, you read that correct but instead of typing away my buzz educating you on the ways of off-grid living I’ll simply leave a link, here.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s get back to Taos and the steam punk crazies that live there. As soon as we arrived we noticed that something was off with the little town and not just the cost of a cup of crappy coffee. Which was undoubtedly over priced, but I still think that something happened when we pushed out our bedroom slide. Maybe a portal to another dimension was opened, or perhaps a warping into a different time line, I don’t really know. I’m still not sure, but I do have my theories. Anyway unfortunately we took very little pictures to prove that we were in fact spending time in this twilight zone. Or maybe that was part of this place’s plan. After all we bumped into cowboys from the future dressed in leather and dreadlocks, a strange combo indeed. To arrive we had to pass over some gnarly mountain passes that I think were not suited for RV traffic. The proof was in the lack of traffic the entire way. Needless to say our arrival was peculiar and we were exhausted from traversing through the Taos wormhole but we wanted to check out the town so that’s what we did. We arrived just in time for the local lilac festival. It was a little disappointing but in the town’s defense we are getting harder to impress. Walking out of the festival we found a nice shop with a local witch, her title not mine, which confirmed our initial thoughts. Evil had descended on Taos in its past in the form of mass murder from our own Government against the local Indians, and the angst from that time was still being suppressed in the local community. Big crystals in the town square were needed and the locals obliged.

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The Old Taos Pueblo is the largest working pueblo in the US and it was impressive in both size and scope. While visiting we learned of the horror that took place in the local pueblo Catholic church, lets just say that the women and children ran to the church seeking safety and our government open fired on them while they were barricaded inside. They killed all of them. Something our government is not only extremely good at but also proud of. I think we call it patriotism today but it’s really murder any way you wrap a flag around it. The locals were nice but I suppose that is what they’re paid to be nowadays to the white man.

After our native visit and our tour of the Earthship Academy, where literally hundreds of Earthships form a community, we needed some booze to calm the nerves. We were glad to find out that Taos has a small brewery to numb the locals of the pain that still washes over the land. A few pints, some grub, and short drive up to the Taos ski mountain, our time-travel time was done here. Back on the magic school bus, back through the warm-hole, and we were once again in modern day America. Surprised that time travel was so easy for the RV we joked about going back to Taos sometime in the future. You know, to see ourselves there, seeing ourselves there. Strange days somehow find you when you’re all alone crossing the American time zones. I’m just glad I made it out of there without a top hat containing a small gear driven pistol attached to the brim. So now you know if you want to play Cowboys and Aliens head to Taos and build yourself an Earthship!