Lake Havasu City, AZ

March 1-10, 2015

We arrived at our nice site at Cattail Cove State Park, on the banks of Lake Havasu, with no issues. The drive was scenic and painless. Those two rarely go together while driving around your bath and a half home on wheels.

This post is going to be a little short only because we did not do epic things while staying on the lake. We took some downtime to relax and float around. Of course we drove to town often and hit up nearly every brewery in the area. By now you should realize that is a given. We also managed to explore downtown thoroughly. This included a few walks under the famous London Bridge, which was brought brick by brick from London.  The city thought it was getting the actual Tower Bridge, bummer. The rest of the time was spent on the lake.

That was a daily decompression from the hellish experience of installing an RO (Reverse Osmosis filtration) system in the rig. The project should have been easy, but once the filter I ordered online arrived I realized that all the parts that are needed to connect it to an RV were nowhere to be found. So the daily search for needed parts, finding a tank that fit under our sink, and the tools needed to install said filtering system began. It really was not as bad as I’m making it sound but our PR blog manager said that bad experiences tend to sell better to the younger generation than positive ones. And with nine people checking our blog on a regular basis I thought that adding some Hell to the story might just get us another follower. Time will tell. Anyway the Reverse Osmosis system with added alkaline filter means that we now have amazing drinking water. Let me repeat that, we don’t care what is done to our water supply because our drinking water now goes through seven different filters! I think that should be enough. Clean and tasty water. Well worth the minor trouble… I mean Hellish Torture that was needed for the install. With a glass of crisp potable water in hand I’ll be damned if it wasn’t worth it. In fact I think I’ll have another while watching the sun go down. The wine will just have to patiently wait until tomorrow. Drinking clean water is easy, cheap, and well worth all the health benefits. What a difference a filter makes.