3:10 to Yuma, AZ

Well, we decided to follow a path further south to Yuma to check out what all the hoopla was about. Sadly, we found out that it was mostly all talk and no action. Of course this “all talk” is a metaphor for Mexican dentistry and “no action” is another metaphor for relaxing in the sunniest place in the world. But don’t let me get too far ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning of it all, The Prison Hill Brewery. Yuma is known for its territorial prison which helped calm some of the wild out of the West, and where you have a prison a brewery is sure to follow. Upon landing at our sunny location just outside of Yuma City we dropped into the brewery for some suds and pub grub. Fairly priced brews were a thing of our past since we had hit California but, as fate would have it, cheap beer can still be found just across the boarder in Arizona.

The days in Yuma were hot which is why we chose it in the dead of winter. Shooting straight temperatures averaging 78 degrees this weather is made for boondocking. We opted for a cheap stay with full hookups but the desert hills were full of wildcampers and dune buggies.

We of course did some proper jail time in the old prison, Yuma Territorial Prison, with our free time. Personally, I like the brewery better than old rusty cells that whisper of dusty sunburned wild men. That’s just not my kind of vibe, but each to their own.

We also worked in a legal boarder crossing into old Mexico to check out the medical scene. Los Algodones, is a mecca for cheap dental healthcare, optometrists, and pharmaceuticals. Snowbirds from Canada and the US winter here to get bargain-basement healthcare by crossing the border. We didn’t really need anything done, so all we got was some cheap Mexican food and a slight case of the “Montezuma’s revenge”. Just kidding. The food was surprisingly not that cheap and the case of Montezuma was bigger than expected. Although, it was nothing that the brewery couldn’t fix. A few dark beers will set anyone straight; of course the desert dehydration probably didn’t hurt.

While we were at the farmers market we heard a farmer talking about a Lettuce Festival that was going on. Obviously our interest was peeked and we decided that some local shenanigans was in order. I will never attend another Lettuce Festival in my life. They actually ran out of lettuce at the salad bar while we were there. We did managed to win two decks of casino cards but each deck had holes punched through the center of them. It only cost us $20.00. Can you say rip off? I can and I did. I said they should have called it “The Lettuce Pay for your next years labor cost Festival”. I’ve decided that I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for a Squash Festival. That just sounds like a lot more fun to me. Well, that was about it beside a crap ton of minor details that you don’t really want to read and I don’t really want to share, so I thank you for having patiently done your time. But, I expect to see you back here on occasion to make sure you don’t relapse into your old non-RVenture-interested self. That is all. You’re free to go.