Olema & Bolinas, CA

December 16-21, 2014

If at first you’re forced flooded to run away, return you must, that’s what we say. I’m not sure why I feel so Seussian…it must be the wine. In a reverse of fate we happily left rainy Napa for our old home in Olema. Over the hill we go again. As the old saying goes, home is where your hat lies or in our case where the leveling jacks are deployed. I don’t really wear a hat, although I am going through a tough hair growth phase so a hat would probably get the locals to take me a little more serious. It is kind of funny though, when you return to a place after leaving it. Something changes in your relationship with that place. It feels more homey the more often you visit. Bolinas is like that for us. This time we decided to do it right. We knew the water would be coming therefore our fist stop after setting up house was Point Reyes for some fancy muck boots and groceries. Let it rain. And rain it did.

Between showers, we drove out to Point Reyes National Seashore for some elephant seal watching. We had a long and wonderful conversation with a fellow wildlife stalker. We made it back just in time to watch the Low Watters jam it out at Smiley’s Schooner Saloon, a good night.

The next morning we watched the waters rise as the creek was breached once again. Oh the memories. We stayed on the ready but once the waters started to recede we took off. Bodega Bay was our destination. Unfortunately the road was flooded along the way. We had to turn around so it’s still on the list, but it was a wonderful drive. The delicious gorgonzola breadsticks we found along the path where worth all the water the pacific could dump on us!!

The reason we returned so soon to Olema was because we wanted to catch the elusive This Old Earthquake in their natural habitat, Smiley’s Saloon. They didn’t disappoint and the night added memories that will be kept close to both of our hearts. Thanks again Steve, Becca, the band, and the rest of those wandering the mesas of Bolinas. After all the shows, hikes, and floods we were both wiped out. A day of rest, as they say, was needed before we truck it to Yosemite for Christmas. Is that a good idea? You know to go to Yosemite in winter? We shall find out…stay tuned and wish us luck. Or warmth. We will probably need that more than luck. Here is to staying dry!