Indulging in Napa Valley Before We Went To Prison.

Napa, CA

December 3-16, 2014

After the great flood comes beer, wine, and bad Mexican food. We ran from Olema after being nearly underwater and safely made it to Napa, CA. After set up we were starving so we headed out to find a food truck with good reviews. Yes there is an app for that. Unfortunately for our starving stomachs we could not find said food truck so we settled for another non-app version. Sadly we could not leave a crappy review because this truck really needed to be converted into a mobile latrine. Sometimes you win other times you end up paying dollars for pennies worth of food sludge. Oh well, moving on. Up next we decided to ease our noxiousness stomachs with some good brew. Napa is known for wineries so breweries are a little harder to find but with less clientele the service is fast and brewful. Good choice. Montezuma will have to have his revenge battling against a belly full of beer. Round one was rectified. We’ll call in a draw.

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This week we had Falcor, our towed car, scheduled for a transmission gasket change. So we dropped him off and headed to the Santa Rosa brewery. You might begin to see the theme of this week. When life gives you nothing but rainy days soak your sorrows in craft beer and wine. We are speaking from experience. After driving the new rental out and about we picked up a new mattress pad for the big rig. With the rental we drove around Napa gawking at all the vineyards and winos. There was so much wine and only so many liver cells to absorb it. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, we all do, and if you don’t then on the next rainy month you are having try it out. Don’t make a habit but every once in a while give it a good walk about.

We were staying downtown Napa so walking the streets was fun and convenient to our debauchery. No driving needed.

We did also manage to make a visit to Abby and Tonya and their kids near San Francisco. It was a good day to relax and chat about whatever came to mind. It was great seeing you guys, it has been a while.

Once back home I got a message that our mail had arrived in Olema, so we jumped in the car and headed back over the hill to pick up our packages. We also took a quick walk around Bear Visitor Center of Point Reyes National Seashore, something we had been so close to but never did on our previous stay.

Once back in Napa the rain was still coming down so we decided to catch up on some movies at the local theater. After watching the Hunger Games we decided it would be nice to go see Alcatraz Island. It only seemed logical. The next morning that is what we did. Pier 39, Fisherman Wharf and Ghirardelli ice cream also made it on the day’s agenda. Go figure. After escaping from the Rock we were hungry. There were so many great places to choose from. After deciding on a place to eat at we felt that we deserved a treat for our difficult choices and what better than Ghirardelli sundaes? This is how most of our days are made, on the fly. I’ll let our pictures tell more about our day on Alcatraz than my words can. Beside my throat is already getting dry from all the chatter that I’m doing. Therefore I will try to make the rest short.

Rain, rain, and more rain was what appeared in our immediate future. We stayed at the rig over the next few days and watched the waters begin to rise once again around us. We did manage to go back into San Francisco for a short Adyashanti retreat. I love that little guy. The retreat didn’t disappoint and refreshed our spirits with something more useful than alcohol. With our spirits high we decided that we needed a day of rest and recovery. Right after we visit the castle winery that is. Oh…Napa. We will return to you one day once we dry out. For now we shall say our good bye. Just know that we are taking enough wine away with us to last until we reach old Mexico. But that’s for another trip and another drink on another day.



2 responses to “Indulging in Napa Valley Before We Went To Prison.”

  1. Donette Hatcher Avatar
    Donette Hatcher

    Hey guys, next time you decide to test your livers start taking Milk Thistle. It helps your liver function better, and will allow you to drink more wine and beer LOL. Won’t hurt you on a daily basis. Stay thirsty my friends .

    Love Donette

    1. Stinky Slinky Avatar
      Stinky Slinky

      Thanks Donette. Milk thistle will make it on our next amazon order! We hope you have power and are staying warm.