Seattle, WA

August 17-24, 2014

Tall Chief RV Resort

Tall Chief RV Resort

We had a lovely week in Seattle. Who says it is always rainy and overcast in Seattle because it sure wasn’t for our week! We made thejourney over the Cascade Mountains from Leavenworth to Fall City, Washington. The drive was beautiful and we made it over Stephens Pass with minimal stress. Fall City is a very small town just outside of Redmond, the home of Microsoft, and about 45 minutes from downtown Seattle. This suburb doesn’t even feel like the city, we were surrounded by farmland! So, we tucked our RV into an oasis in the woods and went to the pool!

As mentioned in a previous post, on our drive from Spokane to Lake Chelan we had an unfortunate incident with a rock and our windshield. We had then spent the next 2 weeks in remote eastern Washington. So our first priority in the Seattle area was to fix our windshield. The chip was about the size of a half dollar, so we weren’t sure if they would be able to seal the crack or if we would have to replace the whole windshield. So when the Safelite guy showed up at our rig we bombarded him with questions. He was a very young dude that had never repaired a RV windshield, thus it shouldn’t be a surprise that he was intimidated by both the size of the windshield and our questions. He wasn’t sure if the repair would seal the whole crack and thought we would probably have to replace the whole windshield. We didn’t want to risk making it worse so we decided to send him on his way and do some more research. In addition, I (Karinda) was very worried about the crack decreasing the value of our RV. So I called our RV dealer connections and Wade called the insurance company and a local RV windshield replacement company. Luckily I was relieved to find out that a small sealed crack in the windshield did not decrease the value much, because it is such a common occurrence. Whew! Wade found out that our windshield deductible was $1000! He also found out that the local company could replace it that week (after special ordering the windshield). Decisions, decisions… We decided to try the repair and, worse case scenario; if the repair didn’t work then we could get it replaced later (and pay the hefty deductible). Thus, we scheduled a second visit with Safelite. When she arrived two days later, we were ecstatic to find out she was very experienced with RV windshield repair and was confident that she could seal it properly! And she did! Yay, another RV successful RV repair.

In between our RV windshield repair dilemma we did have a chance to check out downtown Seattle. We have previously visited Seattle so we decided to check some things that we hadn’t done last time.   Our first stop, Bruce and Brandon Lee’s gravesites! Bruce Lee and his son are buried in the beautiful Lake View Cemetery near Volunteer Park. This is in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. Their graves sites offer amazing view over Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountain Range. We also visited the Volunteer Park Conservatory, which was built in 1912 and enjoyed the flowers in the park. At this point we were getting hungry so we headed towards the famous Pike Place Market. First, though we found the Fremont Troll in the Fremont area of Seattle! Okay, the troll was rather disappointing after reading many descriptions of it, but we found it. Now on to Pike Place! I love this market. It has a little, or maybe a lot, of everything. We strolled amongst all the stalls and devoured some fresh donuts and salmon before having a fresh brew at Pike Brewing Company. After having our fill of the market we wandered down to the waterfront. We explored the many piers then headed back to our oasis in the woods.   I have to say, that Seattle traffic is as bad, if not worse, than Atlanta!

Our dinner view!

Our dinner view at Ivar’s Salmon House!

One of my veterinary friends, Casey, lives in the Seattle area so one night we met her for dinner. She chose a delicious seafood restaurant overlooking Lake Union and the Seattle Space Needle, Ivar’s Salmon House. We really enjoyed our conversation and decided to help her on the following Saturday at a beach cleanup. Casey is one of two co-founders of a new marine mammal rescue organization, Soundside Marinelife Rescue Center, and they were hosting their annual beach cleanup on Puget Sound. This organization is still in its infantancy, but I know they will succeed and help lots of marine life. Check out their webpage and donate to a great cause if you can!


So on Saturday Wade and I eagerly headed to the beach and started collecting trash. We had a wonderful time supporting a great organization and helping keep Puget Sound beautiful.   It didn’t hurt, that it was a perfect warm, blue-sky day. Soundside collected over 250 pounds of trash! There was a great article in the local newspaper, The Everett Herald, several days later covering the beach cleanup. Wade and I made several of the pictures! Check them out here. After finishing the beach cleanup we drove to one of our favorite places, the local farmer’s market. The town of Edmonds hosted a very large, happening farmer’s market, so we stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables, sampled the food trucks, then finished the afternoon at the local brewery. All in all, a fantastic day!

One of our last outings in the area was to Snoqualmie. This is a historic little town founded in 1903. It houses a great railroad museum and many quaint shops. It also happens to have a local brewery, which we happily sampled. Nearby is Snoqualmie Falls. The falls were beautiful and again the day was picture perfect. No rain, when we visit Seattle.

That sums up our time in the Seattle area. However, we did have to make a trip to the local Ford dealership, for what we thought would be a normal 25,000 mile oil change on our toad, but it turned into a minor oil leak and an all day affair.   Sorry Kari and Ryan, next time we are in the Seattle area we will get together! Thank God for car warranties!