Silver City, New Mexico

March 30 – April 2, 2014

We arrived at Rose Valley RV resort in Silver City, NM and immediately felt unsure if we needed a whole week here. The park was nice but the vibe was somehow off. Deciding to give it a chance we drove downtown to check things out. Silver City is where Billy the Kid grew up, where his mother died, and where he was thrown in jail from which he successfully escaped.  As we have been in Billy territory before we were not surprised to see little evidence to this elusive personality besides that of verbal legend. The town is unique in that you can go downtown to shop for groceries at an organic co-op, buy beautiful handmade art by local artists, and eat dinner at an upscale restaurant while people watching bikers at a hole in the wall bar across the street. In other words all kinds of people mix in this place. Hippies, foodies, bikers, and old ladies all seem to walk hand-in-hand down the historic streets of Silver City.

It’s called Silver City because as you could have probably guessed, there is silver in them hills, along with the massive mines to prove it.

While in this area we also visited the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. After a two-hour drive up and down winding mountain roads following the Trail of the Mountain Gods we had the great treat of wondering amongst the remaining cliff structures left by the Mogollon peoples. The cliff contains the ruins of interlinked cave dwellings built in five cliff alcoves all with views that are amazing. These people had it figured out. Sustainable, low impact, and free. We also hiked upstream, where Geronimo grew up, to a natural hot springs. The water was a little too cold while crossing the moving mountain creek, and then it was a little too hot at the hot springs for us to stay and soak. Finding a boiled frog in one of the tubs did not help with the romantic notion of soaking in a rock-tub so we called it a nice hike and walked back.

On our drive back we decided that we wanted to cut our week short and move on so that is exactly what we did, after a great meal at the Buckhorn Saloon of course, because everyone knows you should never travel on an empty stomach.