We brought our world trip blog back from the dead and you no longer are required to create a log in. As many of you have moved forward in embracing your digital selves, so have we. If you are new to us then we hope this gives you something to peruse in our off hours. Some pages may not work as well as they did back in the day but the overall idea is still rendering ok. Thanks and we hope you enjoy. The old main page can be found by going to the menu and clicking blog ->world trip 2010. Or you can shortcut to the blog here. Also view the Road Trip Blog here. Tip: click the archive link to view blog pages via title and date.


Also the main blog is a bit of a bandwidth hog for us when we are out searching for every last drop of our internet connections. Hence we have decided to also link to an “EasyBlog” under the main blog menu above. This minimal blog will be a little more bandwidth conserving for us and we can edit it off-line then upload when we reconnect. I know that was a whole lot of blah..blah..blah. So here is where the apologies come in and don’t fret we will let you know when we post on said blog right here.