Enough is enough! We will soon be embarking on our extended road-trip! For the second/third time! Roadblocks have been pushed through and the rig is ready to roll. We know we are being a bit repetitive in our excitement but hey this is real life. Sometimes the road is well paved and other times it gets a bit bumpy, and on a few occasions it can get impassable. The photo above is from our jeep in Tibet, an impassable land slide! The bottom photo is from our jeep in Nepal on the way to Kathmandu, it was more of a I hope we don’t slip-n-slide! As you can see we have been on our fair share of rough roads. This time we have bided our time, while the monster has been upgraded with new A/C parts, by upgrading the house with new stuff. It turned out to be a two birds one stone kind of thing. The personal paradigm shift that we both are feeling is new which is weird since we both did this drop everything and travel thing not so long ago. This time it feels different. This time it feels like there are less reasons to return, which is exciting and freeing. We are trying to make it easy for family to follow us, so if you would like to receive an email whenever we do a post just check the “Notify me of new posts by email.” box under the comments section and then leave a comment with your real email address. Earthtrekk will email you a link to confirm and bam! You are set up to receive each post as an email, dramatically reducing the need to visit the site. Of course we would rather you visit the site because then we can see how many people are actually following us. If no one follows we will put less stuff up, but we thought it was a nice feature to turn on. Thanks again and we hope to actually start doing some posts from the road in the near future.
Driving on the edge!