RVenture lesson #1: Check the big bad bus at least 2 weeks prior to departure because something will likely be in need of repair. Somedays it seems like it is two steps forward, one step back. Today we started to load the monster truck and discovered that the AC in the ‘old’ Ford was not working. So, after a sweaty drive back to the RV shop, we found out the compressor is blown and needs to be replaced. Therefore, we may be starting a little later then planned. Due to the holiday, everything is closed this weekend. And in order for Atreyu to be ‘cool’ again we need to set up a meeting between him and our local Ford dealer. I hope he is rocking a solid mustache, all mechanics worth their weight in wrenches have good mustaches. We are chomping at the bit at this point. We both just want to head out. On a positive note we have been getting a ton of last minute stuff accomplished! Once the AC is working and a new rock-guard is installed we will be on the road. Baby you a song, you make me wanna to roll my windows down and cruise. On a more serious note, GO DAWGS!